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Hey! Hi! What’s up? Who knows what led you here but so glad you’ve found your way to the world that is LABBÈ. By now you’ve noticed, I have my hand in quite a few things. How do I do it all? Sleep! lol I’m someone who has a lot of interests and is constantly learning and perfecting my craft.


I’ve always had an interest in marketing, fashion, and interior design and I’m so happy to be able to nurture those interests on my own time and in my own way. 9-5 you can find my leading marketing strategy for a vertical of one of the largest FinTech companies in the country. I’m driving strategy from everything including email campaigns to TV commercials. Pretty cool huh? Look momma I made it!


When I’m not living the Black Girl in Tech life, I love hosting events and looking for new ways to expand my Untamed Lingerie brand. It’s my baby and one day will be a multi-million international brand, Rihanna better look out, mmkay?!


A few other things that make me happy are making spaces beautiful, which is how I ended up designing some pretty cool houses, a bar, and a friend’s living room. Ask my friends, I'll turn any space into a sanctuary. My spare time includes scrolling Pinterest for new recipes, deep diving into a YouTube rabbit hole about crypto or some conspiracy theory, trying to keep my 8 plant babies alive, catching flights not feelings or spending time with loved ones.


I love to connect with new folks, share ideas, and help each other be great. Let’s connect if you’re feeling aligned, wait is mercury in retrograde? 

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Meet Sheridan

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