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How Playing Small is Blocking Your Blessings

Hey, you! Yes, you. Stop playing small. You probably think this message doesn’t apply to you but it has applied to all of us at some point in life. Whether we had our hopes set on a job promotion, asking our crush out, booking that flight or standing up for ourselves, we’ve all faced moment

s where a voice in our head tells us it’s smarter to downplay our success and talent than to showcase who we are.

Newsflash: playing small does not deserve you at all, in fact, playing small could be blocking our blessings. How else could we have access to a new life, job, or experience if we don’t speak up and boldly tell the world we are qualified for this very thing we are running from. Being humble is great and all of us could use a dose of humble pie every once in a while but don’t be humble or fake being humble just because it feels like the right thing to do.

Taking risks and putting ourselves out there is how we will grow into who we are meant to be. By downplaying our greatness, we hinder our opportunities to excel and shine. Think of all the times you didn’t speak up in a group when you knew the skills or knowledge you had would be beneficial. Think of all the chances you didn’t take because you didn’t want to risk others seeing you fail if things didn’t go exactly as planned. Think of someone who won’t be able to meet us or be blessed by us because we decided to play small one day and not take a job offer, speaking engagement, or risk.

Of course we should think through decisions and actions, however, making calculated risks does not mean play small. Be confident in telling the world who you are and what you have to offer. You never know when your talents are just what someone else needs to take their own journey to the next level.

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