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Surviving and Thriving in Your Saturn Return

Oh, Saturn Return. For those who keep up with astrology, you may have heard this term along with natal charts and the dreaded Mercury retrograde. For the newbies, Saturn Return is when the planet Saturn returns to the exact location and astrological sign it was in when you were born. This occurrence happens approximately every 28 years or so in your life. Find out when your Saturn Return will be here. There are so many articles out regarding dealing with your first Saturn Return, many of them filled with bleak stories about how our lives are shaken up between ages 28-31 due to Saturn Return and all the crazy stories of things that have happened in people's lives during this time.

While the idea of Saturn Return isn't meant to be daunting or punishing, it can feel that way for many of us who haven't been living in our truths and purpose. You see, many of us spend the first 25 or so years of our lives doing what we think (read: told) is right. Many of the decisions we make are based on what society, our parents, our religion, our community, and our friends suggest is right to us. We take certain jobs, make huge purchases, and get into relationships all based on what we think we should be doing or even better yet what someone has suggested we should do.

By the time many of us hit age 28 or 29, we begin to reflect on our first decade of adulthood and have a mix of emotions. Of course, many of those emotions are amazing as we reflect on the experiences and fun we've had. Some of those reflections may lead us to wonder if our life choices thus far have truly been aligned with our soul and purpose. We also think about how we could've been further along if we'd only had more discipline or delayed gratification for bigger rewards. However you may be handling this transition into your 30's, know that this time is only temporary and this season is here to not just teach the "harsh" lessons of daddy Saturn, as the Astro community calls this planet. This time is for breaking down and destroying things that no longer serve your highest good to make room for your true purpose and destiny.

Personally, this has been a time of evaluation in every area of my life from career to love to home to possessions. What do I want? What car do I want to drive? Where do I want to live? Who do I want to spend my life with? What do I want my impact to be? For many years, I made decisions truly of my own volition but there was always co-mingling of someone else's opinion in the background influencing the next choice. While this time hasn't always been the easiest as I transition into my next career, love, and life moves, I've used this time to reflect and see this as an opportunity as a blank canvas that I can finally paint anything I choose to on. So what are some of my tips for surviving and thriving your Saturn Return?

Go with the Flow

Resisting any major changes happening in your life will only prolong the uncomfortable feeling you're feeling.

Hire an Expert

I am a huge advocate for hiring professional help whether it's a life coach or therapist (I have both). Having an unbiased resource during this pivotal time will help you process major transitions and make solid decisions.


After reading the book The Artist's Way, I incorporated the concept of morning pages into my routine. The concept of journaling three pages first thing in the morning as a way to "dump" our thoughts helps us start our day on a clear note.


Self-awareness and reflection are huge during this time, take a look at how you naturally respond to things and situations. Are you repeating old patterns and beliefs that need to be reprogrammed? This is the time to write a new narrative for your life.

Now, this is NOT the time to beat yourself up for the past 30 years of your life. When we view this time as a fresh start into our 30s, it can be a beautiful time of reflection, renewal, and rebirth for a life that we chose vs. living a life that was chosen for us. Remember to breathe, take time for yourself, discover new things about yourself and enjoy the process.

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