Untamed Travels: Atlanta, Georgia

Updated: May 27, 2021

Hey y’all! Wow it feels so good to be back! If you’ve been in touch over the last several years you know I used to blog HEAVY for myself, The Hive Society and Bustle. Well I am backkkk. I’ll be vlogging as well, but writing comes so easy. I guess you can say I enjoy communicating in general. For my first blog back we’re getting right into my solo travel adventures. One day, I’ll give a back story to everything that led me to the summer of my dreams but now is not the time so here's a brief scoop:

Back in October 2020, I decided I would save up money and travel the world once my apartment lease ended April 2021. A series of unfortunate (blessings in disguise) events happened from October 2020 to April 2021 that led me to be right here and I am so excited and feel extremely blessed.

Truthfully, I have some places I know for sure I want to visit but a lot of my destinations have been Spirit led. My first trip led me to Atlanta, Georgia. I had only visited once for a quick weekend trip so I had to come back to the black mecca and really explore the city and possibly make some business connections. I booked a one way flight leaving the day my lease ended with no real plans in sight. I have a couple of friends and associates in ATL so I knew I’d connect with them and then explore on my own.

First, I was absolutely lucky that two things happened. One, the weather was amazing the entire week I was there. Two, the Airbnb I picked happened to be a 10 minute drive to literally everything. When I was searching for Airbnb’s I was looking for places that were centrally located but also decorated really nice. For those who are budgeting, Airbnb also has a new feature that allows you pay half when you book and half a month out (depending on how far in advance you book).

The week I spent in ATL is a blur in the best way. There were some places I wanted to see from recommendations and some places I passed by and knew I had to check out. I also wanted the trip to be beneficial business wise so I connected with a couple of business owners that are good to know and check out if you support women owned brands.

Without further ado, here's a recap of my week in Atlanta:


Sivav’s Hookah

Located in the heart of Midtown, Sivav’s is a chill hookah lounge with good music, smooth hookah, and great drinks. I headed to Sivav's the evening I landed in Atlanta just to get out, hang with friends and check out the Sunday nightlife scene.


Papi's Cuban

Papi's is located in the heart of Midtown Atlanta and ideal for a quick lunch run. All you need is the empanada’s lol. Seriously, I ordered empanadas, grilled fish and crab cakes. I literally would’ve been content with two chicken empanadas.

Ponce City Market

So I was told the walk to Ponce City Market from Papi’s wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t bad but it’s not worth the walk. It’s not as scenic as you’d think, so definitely catch a lyft. Ponce City Market is a beast. It’s a two story warehouse with unique shops, staple mall favorites like Sephora and restaurants exclusive to ATL. I spent about two hours there shopping (the bookstore got me for my coins) and headed back to the room. I came back another day to dine.


Tuesday was chill. I worked out to make myself good about all the travel eating I planned to do and did some work for clients. Later that night I went to Bar Vegan. Bar Vegan is a new bar opened by the famous Slutty Vegan owner. Bar Vegan hosts a few staple vegan bar food items like their egg rolls (so good) and 100% vegan drinks. The bartender made me his own special with fresh juices and tequila.

Sidenote; I’m starting to think the reason we get drunk off liquor is because of the mixers because those fresh juices gave me a buzz but nothing I’d regret in the AM.

I met a few business owners who have been in ATL 20 years by way of Cali and enjoyed good conversation talking about life, love and relationships. Afterwards, I headed across the street to meet up with some friends at Cru Hookah lounge. They know how to make a taco Tuesday memorable, that's for sure. I love how chill Cru was. I feel like Houston spots have all turned into clubs no matter the day of the week so it was cool to be somewhere and just chill.


By a strange coincidence, I was looking at places nearby my airbnb and OWN Boudoir popped on the radar. Of course I had to meet with the owner because…duh…boudoir is aligned with my lingerie brand Untamed. I messaged the owner of OWN Boudoir on Monday when I got to town and she was more than willing to meet. Stay tuned for more details on how we’ll be partnering.

After my meeting I was pretty much on a high and also a little tired. I came home and binge watched all the new episodes of The Circle and enjoyed food from Nick’s Greek Food, located next door to the airbnb.

Nick’s is definitely a ducked off whole in the wall with a quirky owner, so you know the food was HITTIN! I ordered a chicken gyro (pita) and fries and instantly wished I had ordered more (even though I was full). I definitely went back again before the week was over.


Thai 26

Located in Midtown (I’m sure you’re noticing a theme). I headed to Thai 26 for lunch on Thursday and was not disappointed. I ordered soft shell crab, shrimp and pork dumplings, and crab cheese rolls. Admittedly, the soft shell crab was not what I expected (for some reason I was thinking about sautéed crab fingers) so I didn’t eat all of this but the shrimp and pork dumplings and crab rolls were divine. I topped this off with a Mai Tai and I was in heaven. Sitting on the patio and getting to observe everything happening in Midtown was great.

Later that afternoon, I had the pleasure of meeting with another business owner in the woman’s sensuality space. After connecting with owner of Yoni’s Intimacy, Jasmine, via Instagram, I had to come check out her place. Her shop is located in the heart of Little Five Points and is SO cute. The area reminds me of Montrose/Rice Village for all my Houstonians or shopping in Austin, Texas. Yoni’s Intimacy sells a variety of products and clothing in the intimacy space such as lingerie, yoni steams, jewelry, sex toys, workout gear and more. Check out their shop and all the other cute shops in Five Points, you can spend the entire day there and for sure will find a shop in your niche.

Del Bar

I was excited to try Del Bar because I love Mediterranean food and a good ambiance, add in a little house music and i’m in heaven. Del Bar is located only a few blocks from Little Five Points. It's a cute boho other worldly set up outside with airy vibes and detailed vintage rugs. The inside is boho chic with house music taking you away to another country.

What's on my plate? Dill Labneh (so good) which comes with an assortment of herbs and warm pita, Omani Prawns and Shishlik (Lamb Chops). Everything was so fresh and you are sure to get full.


By the time Friday came around I was lowkey tired but I didn’t want to waste my last day in ATL. I had a yoni steam appointment at Sweetspot VTox Boutique that was very refreshing. The appointment started off with a meditation and oxygen session where we relax and smoke a few natural herb oil pens (think Jasmine, Lavender, Sage, etc.). Next, I decided where I'd like to sit and enjoy my 60 minute steam session. 60 minutes was by far the longest time I ever sat in a yoni steam session but it was enjoyable (outside of the temp being a little too hot at one point). The cool thing about the steam is they have a menu of add-ons to make your steam session personable and it was a great way to sit in deep reflection.

After my session, I drove around a bit to see the places I didn’t get a chance to while I was in my short lyft rides. There’s so much beauty to see in ATL. If you’re looking to rent a car while traveling, check out apps like Turo before going to an Enterprise, etc. Turo has way more options and oftentimes comparable or even more affordable rates than big name car rental companies.

The rest of Friday evening, I relaxed to get ready to head to Miami the next day by just reflecting on the week I had and packing.

Thoughts on Atlanta: I LOVE Atlanta, like LOVE it so much I’ll be back later this summer. The people drive slow. There are so many unique areas of town to see, dine, shop and network. The business owners are nice and people are cool to strike up conversation with.

Bloopers: Here’s my list of things I wish I had known but learned very quickly

1. The wait for rental cars is horrendous in ATL. Do NOT think you can walk up and book a car last minute. I did that and ended up just taking a lyft as I had originally planned.

2. Buy travel packers/space savers. I definitely overpacked. I knew I was going to be gone for 2 weeks but in hindsight, I packed for a month. lmao. If you still want to pack your life away, check out these no vacuum needed travel space bags. Thank me later.

3. Do no wait until the morning of your checkout to wash clothes or pack. Always have a cushion of time for random things to happen like oh…the dryer taking 45 minutes to dry 5 pieces of clothing.

Quick tips that I did to help my trip breezy:

1. Find a nearby grocery store and buy a case of water and snacks. You’re not going to always feel like leaving your airbnb/hotel til later in the day and you’ll thank yourself later.

2. Only carry a few bank cards with you and leave the rest in your room.

3. Bring your own towel and bluetooth speaker. Some things just make you feel at home.