Untamed Travels: Miami, Florida

Hey hey y’all! I’m back with another travel update from the friendly skies. This time my travels took me to Miami, Florida. If you read my last blog, then you already know I went to Miami straight from Atlanta. I was excited to go to Miami for a few reasons. First, I was going to have a travel companion for part of the trip, I was getting a chance to visit my high school best friend and I needed a Miami re-do.

The first and only time I’ve been to Miami was when I was 22, fresh out of college and making fresh out of college money lol A group of my sorority sisters (Skee-Wee) all went down there for a weekend. The weekend had many high moments but we also had small blunders along the way (missed flights, water damage on phones, bad experiences with cigars lol) so I’ve always wanted to go back. Without further ado...enjoy!


I’m a warm weather beach girl so I was super happy to get to Miami. After arriving to Miami, I put my luggage up in the room and we drove around down South Beach for a few as we had dinner plans at Nusr-Et (Salt Bae’s restaurant). Although I don’t eat steak a lot, I was super excited to try Salt Bae’s restaurant.

Let me tell you that I’m thoroughly impressed and lowkey may eat steak more. When we arrived the wait was about 20 minutes with a reservation. As you get seated you’ll see a plethora of menu options to pick from, mostly steak, and some other options. We ordered their purple dragon drink, salmon, and the Tomahawk steak

First things first, the purple dragon is strong. You definitely need just one. Secondly, there was no reason for me to order salmon because the Tomahawk cut steak is LIFE. My God! It was juicy and crispy. Imagine ribs and brisket all in one. I was in heaven. 10/10 recommend. We didn’t get a chance to see the actual Salt Bae, but all of the staff is trained to expertly season and cut the meat in the same fashion that Salt Bae does.

After dinner, we headed to the Wynnwood area of Miami, which for all the Texans out there, reminds me of 6th Street in Austin. The vibe is very boho, hipster vibes, my type of scene. We visited a bar called FREEHOLD that had the bestttt DJ, think house/r&b music. A VIBE. The decor is also really cool and beach vibes. We didn’t stay super long because who wanted to miss the boat trip in the morning?


I now deem Sunday Funday Yacht Day. I absolutely love being on the water so getting to spend 4 hours sailing around Miami and seeing beautiful houses was up my alley. The captain and his crew gave us a water tour of the houses we passed owned or once owned by celebrities and famous billionaires. They also stopped at a restaurant of our choice and picked up our food while we docked outside. Do you know how cool it is to dock at a restaurant, pick an order and carry on with your day? Definitely a highlight.

Afterwards, we explored Little Havana which as the name gives away is a more cultural area of Miami. The live music was a fun touch. After being on the water all day, I was spent.


Can’t go to Miami and not visit the spa right? Monday was a morning pool day followed by a much needed massage at The Standard Hotel. The staff and service were great. I’m a big massage connoisseur and this was definitely one of the top 5 massages I’ve ever had. After the spa, we went to hangout at The Standard’s waterfront pool and ate, ordered drinks, read, took conference calls and relaxed. I can see someone coming to their pool and spending the entire day there. The pool is also top option so ladies if going topless is your thing, go for it!


Ahhh Tuesday…I was so sad to be leaving Miami (or so I thought). Before checking out, we ate at American Social, which ironically had an amazing Taco Tuesday special so of course, I indulged. After picking up my rental car, I proceeded to head to Fort Lauderdale to check into my airbnb there. Boy was I in for a trip. So first off, I really don’t like driving as much since my accident. I love riding with others or ordering an uber. Keep this in mind. Second, Fort Lauderdale traffic is comparable to LA traffic. Coupled with it being 4pm and an accident, I only made it about 20 minutes into an hour long trip and realized I needed a new plan. lol. I was getting overwhelmed and honestly after the nice stay I had in Miami, I wasn’t in the mood to go to this beach shack airbnb.

So I keep checking my GPS to see what other roads are open and there’s A101 so I’m thinking, why isn’t my gps just letting me to go this way? I decide to take the next exit so I can get to A101 which was about a 15 minute drive East. As I exited, something in my Spirit was saying “just cancel the other airbnb and find one closer.” Of course, that would mean possibly not getting a refund for my other airbnb but I knew driving to Fort Lauderdale at that time wasn’t going to work.

I pulled over and laughed realizing I was still technically in Miami but just North Beach. I messaged the current airbnb host and explained the situation and she was helpful and accommodating seeing as wasn’t from there. I was able to get a partial refund. Meanwhile, I found another airbnb and upon booking realized it was 5 minutes from where I pulled over. Coincidence? I think not.

I headed to the new airbnb in North Miami which wayyy nicer and relaxed the rest of the evening because ya girl was over the day.


After regrouping from the previous day, I relaxed in my airbnb most of the day and worked on client’s projects. That afternoon, I headed to Fort Lauderdale and visited Shooters. Wait, pause, let me tell you about Fort Lauderdale. Fort Lauderdale is gorgeous. Honestly It’s a nicer beach than South Beach and the main street is not as congested as South Beach. I drove through and the drive there was so beautiful. Back to Shooters. Shooters is a swanky bayside restaurant with a good happy. Their fish dip is to die for. I honestly could’ve just ate that. I also ordered calamari which was good also. Afterwards, I headed to meet my girlfriend and some of her friends at a local bar that was having a Cinco De Mayo Celebration.

Of course you know it was lit. Tacos were meh but I enjoyed myself nonetheless. This girl even got me to stroll, only her. lol. The dj was real cool and I just enjoyed being in a new environment.


Ah, the last activity day on my 2-week traveling. Since it was my last full day here, I woke up extra early to go to the beach before it got crowded. When I say early, I mean like 8/9 AM. I went to Haulover beach which is in North Beach area. It’s a beautiful beach and I had a great morning solo swimming, reading and laying out in the sun. I really didn’t leave until I started getting hungry later that morning. I also was really in the mood to get a another massage (I told you I have a habit) so I left the beach for a few hours. I found a massage place that had available appointments and had a good massage. It was different than my experience from Monday. I’ve noticed at more traditional Asian massage studios, it’s more stretching and harder pressures than a spa would do. Nonetheless, my back needed it after the last 2 weeks I had.

Afterwards, I spent time going back and forth trying to figure out what to eat and found a beachside food truck that served fresh food so I headed back to the beach and devoured a fresh fish sandwich (hence I have no picture). I spent about another hour at the beach before I headed out to get ready for dinner. (side note: Haulover Beach has about a mile stretch of their beach that is clothing option so if that’s your thing, go for it).

I headed back to Fort Lauderdale and had dinner at Lona Cocina. Lona’s a cute spot overlooking the ocean. The ambiance is very moody and a whole vibe. It was actually storming outside so it made for an even better experience. I kept it simple and ordered ceviche (which I don’t want to eat for 2 months) and tacos. The food wasn’t memorable per say but it was good and I enjoyed catching up with my girlfriend.

Friday was my day to travel back to Houston. All in all, I had a blast in Miami. Like I could move there, did not want to leave blast. You give me some sun, water and fresh food and I’m sold.

Bloopers: Here’s my list of things I wish I had known but learned very quickly

1. Be sure to research the airbnb area before booking and ask the host if it's close to the areas you want to visit.

2. You will not wear half of what you pack so pack light. Then pack lighter than that.

3. SUNSCREEN. You will need ALL the sunscreen so be sure to carry it with you.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to share and stay tuned for the next Untamed Travels.